Friday, 26 September 2014

Weird things that people do on their birthdays.

Lenleigh 15/9/2014
Weird things to do on peoples
Kia ora, Talofa Lava ,Malo Lelei, ,and greetings to you all ,,my name is Lenleigh and today my  speech is about weird things that people do on their birthdays. If you could do anything on your Birthday what would it be? Would it be bungee jumping off the tallest bridge in the world? Would it be Parachuting out of a plane? Or would it be going into the lions cage at the zoo and start wrestling it?

I know that if I went to wrestle that lion in the zoo I would definitely lose but if I am going to win I will need all of my friends.We would have lots of fun but not for the lion. He would be scared of sus, but then we would be scared of the lion because he might eat us. You would not like to be us if you were wrestling it.

Imagine if you could bring a pet penguin and put it in your bathroom full of ice. Then bring that penguin outside and teach it how to sing wait, but first I need to tell you I am a very bad singer you are going to have to block your ears.

If you could  do other weird things on your birthday what would it be? For example if you are a little kid you could drive a car to wellington, just joking, or you could go to the movies and start shouting out crazy words. Like the elephant is standing on top of the moon in its pajamas! That would be very funny if it was in real life.

You could go to the art gallery and start touching all of the art when you are not supposed to then you probably get into serious trouble. What if you robbed a bank and the police let you go and keep the money that would just be really crazy.  
Some people just do nutty things on their birthday, but its okay because its their choice. Thank you for listening to my speech.

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