Friday, 27 September 2013

All About Me

My name is Lenleigh and I am eight years old. I have five sisters and four brothers. My favourite food is McDonald’s. I like playing sports and playing on the playground. My favourite subject is reading and maths. I like going school and praying at my house. I share my lunch with my friends if they don’t have any lunch. When I grow up I want to be a netball player and a teacher. I sometimes go to my next door neighbour’s house and read a book. I love my family and friends and my cousins too.    
By Lenleigh

Swimming Day

On a cold windy day Room 5 went to swimming. In the morning I went to my class to go get changed. When all of the boys and girls had got changed we ran all the way to the tennis courts where the swimming pool was. We went where the pool was and the girls went in and then the boys followed. Our instructors name was Gillian. The first thing we did was three star jumps. I touched the bottom of the pool floor then up I went three times. After that we each got a floating board and floated on our backs. We floated around the pool and we had to touch each corner of the pool. Later on we had some competitions. We had to hold our breath and whoever comes up stays up and whoever stays in the water the longest wins. A little while later Gillian said we could have ten minutes of fun. My friend Malia and I had a competition. We had to swim all the way to the other side of the pool. Finally Gillian said to give her a hi five then out we go. All of us got out and we all had to go to the toilets to go and get changed into our uniforms. The bell rang for morning tea and we all went and got our lunch. It was really fun learning how to swim.
By Lenleigh

Ocean Breeze

In 1988 every time people would celebrate the wales in the sea. But one day soldiers took over the land and they decided to eat in the bottom of the ocean. After they had their celebration, a little girl whose name was Lisa, swam to the top of the water. She swam all the way to the land. She found a spot to hide form the soldiers. She came out and said to the soldiers “please can we have our land back?” But the soldiers said, “only if you never ever have those stupid whale celebrations again.” And Lisa said, “Yes, ok!” So she swam to the bottom of the ocean and told them everything. Everybody was disappointed. So she swam back up and said to the soldiers, “No we can’t do that.” But the soldiers said, “No! You said yes!” So Lisa was crying while she was swimming back. The people thought of an idea. They would call some sharks to come and scare all the soldiers away because they were half fish too. After that, they slept. The next morning they called some sharks. The sharks went and scared all the soldiers away and everybody went back up and swam to land. They had a party and said goodbye to the sharks. Everybody cheered for Lisa and Lisa was happy too, so she baked a big, big cake for everybody to eat. Everybody was so happy for Lisa and themselves. After the party everybody slept in their nice comfortable beds.
By Lenleigh