Friday, 27 September 2013

Swimming Day

On a cold windy day Room 5 went to swimming. In the morning I went to my class to go get changed. When all of the boys and girls had got changed we ran all the way to the tennis courts where the swimming pool was. We went where the pool was and the girls went in and then the boys followed. Our instructors name was Gillian. The first thing we did was three star jumps. I touched the bottom of the pool floor then up I went three times. After that we each got a floating board and floated on our backs. We floated around the pool and we had to touch each corner of the pool. Later on we had some competitions. We had to hold our breath and whoever comes up stays up and whoever stays in the water the longest wins. A little while later Gillian said we could have ten minutes of fun. My friend Malia and I had a competition. We had to swim all the way to the other side of the pool. Finally Gillian said to give her a hi five then out we go. All of us got out and we all had to go to the toilets to go and get changed into our uniforms. The bell rang for morning tea and we all went and got our lunch. It was really fun learning how to swim.
By Lenleigh

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